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Welcome to the Start

published29 days ago
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I'm really sorry for the silence. Since January, I've been working hard.

I've wanted to get to a point where I can share more knowledge with you about working with systems, and how that applies to providing better value for your business. Well, it's been a long track through the winter, but now as the spring emerges in Amsterdam, I'm finally ready to share some really exciting news!

Firstly, a few weeks ago I launched my very first podcast - it's called Automation for the Nation. Every week I discuss topics about systems, automation, business and the relationship between the three. You can check out the archive and catch up with it on all of your favourite podcast platforms and a new episode is about to drop today! Today's episode is all about the systems you don't even know you have, and I also get a dig in at both Excel and GitHub! Many thanks to my wife Claire for putting me on to - a very simple podcast hosting and publishing platform. It's highly recommended.

Secondly, I'm really excited to announce that today I've just launched my first ever course - it's called Know Your Systems. This is a FREE 6-day email course which will guide on techniques to get you to know your systems better, document and draw your systems and define true ownership. The course will show you how Knowing your Systems can provide substantial benefits in terms of costs, control and opportunity for the future of your business. You can sign up right away and I'd love to get your feedback on it!

Lastly, with all the activity on the podcast and on Know Your Systems I realise that I've been neglecting my newsletter. Well, no more! From now on I commit to posting weekly. You'll receive a mix of tips, advice, links to great systems I'm using right now and of course ideas about other actions you can take to better control your systems and your business.

Hopefully this explains the silence, a little ;)

Until next week, I wish you a great weekend and please hit reply and let me know what you're working on right now and how your systems are looking!


- Richard


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