Richard Bown

Perspective through Visualisation and Music

published15 days ago
1 min read

After listening to too many podcasts my brain becomes resistant to more ideas. I need space for the thoughts I have to grow. Through drawing, through listening to music, I can decouple.

I went along to Ingrid Lill's Branding Cafe this week. Ingrid inspired me to think a lot about the type of person I want to serve. Who is my ideal client? The answer I gave her, and the drawing of him I saw on the page didn't exactly excite me. And this thought, this image, stuck in my head.

Who do I really want to serve?

After seeing my favourite band last night - Low - I gained a new perspective. Artistic, creative endeavour requires risk. Alan missed a few notes when he was playing. Did that stop the show from being awesome? No. It only increased and then resolved the tension.

My message to you today is - don't settle. If you feel bored by what you're doing, or who you're doing it for, then you have a choice. It doesn't mean you need to change what you do, only find someone else to serve.

Today's podcast episode is inspired by drawing, system mapping and thoughts about bringing clarity through visualisation.

You can catch up with previous episodes here:

Have a great weekend!

- Richard


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