Richard Bown

Imperfect is Good Enough

publishedabout 2 months ago
1 min read

It's easy to get obsessed or hung up about frameworks, ideas, ways of working. We might think that we need to read the whole book or understand the whole concept. The emphasis can be on us to "get it" or we might feel inadequate or not qualified to have a discussion if we've not heard the terms in use.

Ever considered that sometimes it's the system that's at fault at not us? Just because it's written down in a book it doesn't make it complete or right. I spent a few years working my way through the world of Agile software development and obsessing over whether Scrum was better than Kanban and where Lean should fit into a process.

What I realised eventually is that none of that really matters.

What does matter is having conversations. Clear, open conversations where we understand what each other are saying, we speak and we listen and we agree on a direction together.

Trust comes through communication. You can practice this every day (speaking and listening) and then even the most complex of topics can be broken down through repeated application - patience, understanding and communication as well as realising that it doesn't always have to be perfect. It only has to be good enough.

This year I've been working on a library of resources that provides ideas on how you can influence the systems conversation in your organisation, to get your systems in better shape together.

More details over the coming weeks but for the moment, don't delay, start the conversation with me! Hit reply to this email and tell me about the current systems and IT challenges you're facing in your organisation.

- Richard

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