Richard Bown

Do You Bodge It or Do It Right?

published3 months ago
1 min read

Owners of Ikea kitchens may know that Ikea don't make it that easy for you to get replacement parts.

Yes, the whole assemblies are cheap and complete but if, like us, you have a broken hinge on an elderly corner unit you can get into difficulties because designs change and fittings get obsoleted.

The door on our corner unit broke over six months ago.. it might actually be a year ago.

To date I've ordered two sets of Ikea hinges online. Long enough apart to end up with two sets of the same (wrong) ones.

Yesterday I decided to try once more but this time go in store to get some advice. I actually thought I'd found them immediately on the in-store shopping system before the terminal systems spontaneously rebooted. Then I spoke to a couple of assistants who tried to sell me the hinges I've already got two sets of. Finally thinking we'd located the correct ones, I discovered that they weren't in *that* store but in the overflow store around the corner. So I paid - which took a while - drove to the overflow store and waited, and waited, and waited and finally got my hinges.

(Professional aside: the computer systems and service in Ikea appears to have got *worse* over COVID-19 which I find somehow mystifying)

So today I tried to fit the hinges. It took a bit of expanding the holes and some refitting of other parts but finally I got them in there.. only to find that the doors now opened the wrong way.

After some choice words I decided to give up for the day. While packing things away in the shed I found the old hinges in not nearly as bad a state as I thought they were. So I bodged them back on and tonight and, for the first time in a while, we have a complete corner unit and perhaps I can sleep peacefully.

Today's Discovery: Perhaps things aren't as bad as they first seem? Even if something is broken, a bodge can prevent wasting time finding a solution that might not even exist.

- Richard

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