Richard Bown

Being Honest About Showing Up

published3 months ago
1 min read

Regular wisdom and inspiration don't come to us every day. Some things that do show up are buses, trains (if we're lucky in these February winds in Western Europe) and tax bills.

If we're not feeling inspired then we can fall back on a system we built that helps us stay inspired. The things that you did yesterday and the things that you will do tomorrow have nothing to do with how you maybe feeling now when it's dark, cold and you'd rather stay in bed.

The same applies to your business. The customers come and the customers go and they are for the most part not aware of how you're feeling today. They just need something to help fix their problem, to help fill the missing piece of their puzzle.

Don't worry about having a bad day. You'll be back tomorrow, or the day after that, and the value you'll bring will be all the better for the break ;)


- Richard

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